Pin the Tail on Eeyore

This classic game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ can be easily made into a Winnie the Pooh game. For this game you will need a large picture or poster of Eeyore without his tail (below we’ve created one for you – go ahead and print it out!).

Print out the four different parts of Eeyore and tape them together for a larger Eeyore. You can also print out the tail many times (one for each guest), or you can make the tails with gray felt or yarn.

Mount Eeyore’s picture on the wall. Have a prominent colored sticker where Eeyore’s tail needs to be. Each guest takes a turn, is blindfolded, spun around many times and then tries to put Eeyore’s tail in the right place. Each time someone gives a try you put a sticker with their name on it in the place they put their tail. The closest one wins!

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