Printable Airplane Boarding Pass Invitations

Check out these cool airplane invitations that look like real airplane boarding passes! The right side of the invitation is the part that is perforated on real airline boarding passes. You can perforate them yourself with a simple perforating tool (it looks like a pen with a wheel on the end. On the wheel there are needles, that when you roll it on the paper, it perforates it). This way, when the passenger (invited guest) comes to the party, they can bring their tickets and as they pass through “check-in”, you detach the right part of the ticket (the way they do when you’re just about to go on the plane) and leave them the stub.

You just need to fill in the needed airplane birthday party information: Birthday Child’s name (for example “You are invited to: Susan’s Airplane Party”), Date and Time of the Party, Number for RSVP, Passenger Name, Address of Party, etc. To the right of the airline tickets, there are a few lines you can fill in if you have more information you need and want to add. Plus, you can also use your last name or child’s first name for the airline name (example: Miles Airlines, Air Susan, Walker Airways, etc.) and write it to the right of “FIRST CLASS” using your computer or by hand.

These airplane tickets fit into long rectangular envelopes. We recommend you print them out on stock paper or heavier paper than the usual. Plus, you can try different colored paper – try gray, blue, orange, pink, etc. (anything that fits the theme colors you choose). The only real work you will need to do is cut out each invitation – around the border (HEY! Why not let your kids do it ;-D).

On the back of the airplane birthday party invitation you can write, “This ticket is non-transferable” and all kinds of other cute remarks like “Just Plane fun!”, “Passengers are allowed one or two carry-on parents”, “2 parents per passenger”, “If additional seats are needed or if you’re unable to make the flight, please call our Airlines ticket agent”, etc.

You can also add a Computer Code that looks like an airline ticket code, along the bottom of the ticket “12082002; FIVEYE ARSO LD; 2009”. This is your child’s birth-date (in our example 12/08/2002), the age of your child (in our example “five years old”), and the year of the birthday (in our example – 2009).

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